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All services are provided by Amanda Benham, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist.

Professional Services

In addition to individual and family consultations (which you can read about on the Consultation FAQ page), I offer the following services:


Dietary Analysis (plus feedback and advice)

This service is ideal for people who would like to get their current eating pattern assessed to make sure they are meeting their requirements for essential nutrients.

Are you getting enough of all the vitamins and other essential nutrients you need, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, iodine and selenium?  Are you getting too much of something? Our printouts and graphs will tell you what areas of your diet need addressing, and (more importantly)  we will provide written feedback and information on how you can address any areas that need attention.

You need access to an iphone app "EasyDietDiary" to input your eating for five days to take advantage of this service. This service is conducted online, so no appointment is required.


NOTE: The dietary analysis and feedback service is available FREE to all clients having an individual consultation, provided that they keep a food diary using the "Easy Diet Diary" app.

Order a Dietary Analysis


Talks, Workshops, Menu Design, Consulting etc

Other services I can provide include:

  • menu (and recipe) assessment and  development for food service establishments, caterers, institutions and families
  • nutrition consulting services for new product development, including advice on ingredients, nutrient content and labelling requirements.
  • lectures, workshops and courses on plant-based nutrition to groups of any type or size.
  • workplace programs to help your staff get healthier and be more productive. (Including Dietary Analysis)
  • in-home kitchen consultations
  • Other services are available upon request, so please get in touch with your ideas.  Contact me for details and pricing.

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