I'm Amanda Benham, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of The Human Herbivore.  I'm passionate about helping people adopt healthy plant-based eating patterns.  

Whether you're a long-term vegan or new to plant-based eating, I'd love to help you with nutrition and meal-planning advice tailored to suit your health needs, lifestyle and preferences.  

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As there are so many sources of advice on nutrition available, I always recommend that people scrutinise the relevant qualifications and experience of anyone giving advice, and that includes me!  So here goes:
APD logoSMALLI became an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist in 1992,  specialising in providing advice and eating plans for optimal nutrient intake and better health on a plant-based diet.



AN logo rgbSMALLBeing qualified as an Accredited Practising Dietitian requires not only completing at least a four year full-time course of study in nutrition and dietetics at an accredited university, but also entails ongoing learning and professional development and abiding by a strict code of ethics.

My APD listing on the Dietitians' Association of Australia's website is here.


After studying Science (Physiology major) at the University of Western Australia) I completed a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Deakin University (Geelong, Australia) and then a Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia).  I followed this with a Masters in Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetics) also from QUT, where I researched the nutritional considerations and health aspects of plant-based diets. Way back in 1999 I wrote this paper which was published in a nutrition journal. (I've been doing this stuff for a l-o-n-g time!)

In addition to being an Accredited Practising Dietitian, I'm a Fellow of the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. (Lifestyle Medicine bridges the gap between health promotion and conventional medicine and promotes a multidisciplinary, multi-system approach.)


AmandaI believe that learning should be on ongoing lifelong process and I continually strive to learn more about plant-based nutrition. I'm currently doing a PhD at Queensland University of Technology.

I started learning about plant-based nutrition when I went vegan in 1983.  When I realised that consuming animals and animal products is entirely optional and completely unnecessary for optimal health I decided immediately to opt out and eat foods made from plants instead.  I hate the idea of animals suffering and dying just for my taste buds, and would like to see an end to all forms of animal exploitation.  I've never looked back and my two (now grownup) children are lifelong vegans.

I'd love to help you to be a happy, healthy human herbivore and experience the benefits of a well-planned plant-based diet.

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Without these people my website would be all jumbled up, my files would be in a mess and my downloads would be riddled with typos.  Thank goodness I have these amazing individuals to help sort it all out!



Toby is an IT whizz who fixes the website when it's broken and does other clever things involving technology with amazing skill and patience. He is a lifelong vegan. (Pictured with Speedy.)

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Kamina is not only a creative force of nature but also an incredibly good organiser. She can type at the speed of light and writes beautifully. Kamina too has been a vegan her whole life.

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Mick excels at making clever and witty puns. Incredibly, he has other talents too, like being a wordsmith, a meticulous proof reader and knowing an awful lot about craft beer.

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