Curious about plant-based eating?

Wondering why so many people are joining this dietary revolution? Give it a try!

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Want to feel your best?

Good nutrition can add life to your years and years to your life.

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You'll feel better about eating in a way that reflects your values.

Care about animals?

Love delicious food?

There's no need to miss out when you eat plant-based.

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Worried about our planet?

What you eat can make a big difference to the environment.


Welcome to the Human Herbivore Website!

"Herbivores eat plants rather than animals.  Humans can choose to be herbivorous and well-planned plant-based eating offers many benefits, both globally and to individuals.  Whether you are new to plant-based eating or a long-term vegan, I can tailor a meal plan to suit you, your health needs and goals, your lifestyle and your preferences."

- Amanda Benham, Accredited Practising Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist, Director of The Human Herbivore.

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Want to feel your best?

Make sure you are getting all the essential nutrients you need for optimal nourishment for your body.

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Like feeling strong?

Get onto a tailored eating plan to support your daily activity and workouts for maximum results.

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Keen to lose weight?

A well-designed eating plan and ongoing support can help you to lose weight and keep it off - the healthy way.

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Raising plant-based kids?

Teach your children good eating habits and ensure they get the nutrients they need for optimal growth and development.

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Plant-based pregnancy?

It's wise to seek professional help to give your baby a good start in life and keep yourself healthy too at this crucial time.

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 Got health issues?

Many chronic health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can be treated with a plant-based eating plan.

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